Each campaign is unique and tailored to meet the exact needs of the customer. We use our many years of experience, when we advise our clients regarding the right publicity strategy.

Our toolkit contains: 

♦ STANDARD PR: Creating a target PR strategy. Press releases. Contact to relevant journalists. Setup of media partnerships.

♦SINGLE (RADIO) PR:Plugin and interview pitching for national, commercial and college radio stations.

♦TOUR PR: Press releases and on tour, coordination regarding interviews.

♦PR EVENTS: press conferences, pre-listening parties.

♦DIGITAL PR: Social media teasers and blog relations.


From our experience as buyers of PR abroad, we know how valuable good reporting is. Therefore, this is also a key element in our PR services, to  give our customers good reporting of high quality, such as the campaign’s results, both ongoing and in the end of the campaign.

We have two types of reports: 

  1. A feedback report (including feedback, circulation statistics and campaign process.
  2. A frequent promo results report